• Steps to Ordering Your Freedom Wig

    The Ordering Process

    Step 1:

    The Initial Phone Conversation

    During our first conversation, it is important for us to understand your hair loss history, your lifestyle and what hair style you have in mind. We will also explain how our wigs are made and why the hair we use is simply the best in the world.

    Step 2:

    Our First Meeting

    During our first face to face meeting, we will customize your Freedom Hair together; selecting the best skin tone for your silicone cap, your hair color, your hair density, and your preferred curl pattern. All of these details go into creating the most natural look for you. Next, we will take a precise scan of your head with our medical grade 3-D scanner to insure that your vacuums cap fits perfectly.



    Step 3:

    Cap and Hair Approval

    After all of the beautiful soft virgin human hair is collected at Freedom a sample will be set to you along with your customized fit cap.

    •  To create a  Freedom Wig, Freedom must collect 10-20 ponytails of human, virgin hair for every wig.  A sample of the hair actually collected for your wig will be sent to you for approval.
    • Your  "fit cap" ensures that you have the proper vacuum fit for security and comfort.

    Once we receive your approval for "fit cap" and your hair sample, the production of your wig will begin!




    Step 4:

    Meeting with Your Stylist

    When your FreedomWig arrives, you will meet with the stylist of your choice to have your hair cut into the style you have selected. sIt is extremely important that the stylist you choose has had specific training and experience cutting Freedom wigs. The skill needed is very different than the skill needed for naturally grown hair, or for any other wig on the market. We are happy to provide recommendations for a stylist in your area.


    Step 5:


    Enjoy the freedom, security, and beauty that your new Freedom Wig will provide!


    ( This was Gillian the day she had her first Freedom Wig styled).



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